“Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.” - Gail Goldwin

The first and most influential person to inspire me to be a teacher was my dad. He taught me that nothing is more empowering than knowledge, and that sharing knowledge is a way to empower others. During my formative years I was raised on his animated storytelling and his carefully considered analysis. I admired his passion for discussion and his insatiable appetite for learning. I witnessed the boundless energy he exhibited when it came to sharing knowledge about theatre, and I soon recognized it was a trait we shared. Learning and teaching theatre (I view them as flip sides of the same coin) energizes me and fulfills me like nothing else I have ever experienced. It's the only thing I can do six days a week and still want to spend day seven preparing for more.

I have taught camps, master classes, seminars, workshops, and full-semester college courses all over Iowa and across the United States. I view teaching as an ongoing experiment, thus my methods are constantly shifting and evolving. Devising creative ways to more effectively structure lessons, reach diverse learners, engage students in discussion, encourage curiosity and assess student learning is an obsession from which I hope I will never recover.

I blame my dad.