A View from the Bridge. Riverside Theatre. Photo by Rob Merritt.
The Wolves. Cornell College. Photo by Olivia Houchins McCollum.
Aurora. Theatre Cedar Rapids Underground New Play Festival. Photo by Rob Merritt.


Hi, my name is Katy, I use she/her pronouns, and I do not remember a time when theatre and education were not integral to my world. I have dedicated my life to becoming a well-rounded and effective teaching artist. I earned my BA in Theatre: Performance from the University of Northern Iowa in 2010 and my MFA in Acting from Florida Atlantic University in 2015, and now I perform, teach, and make art for a living.

I live in the Eastern Iowa Corridor with my husband Bill and our son Jack. In addition to teaching theatre at the University of Northern Iowa and Coe College, I work all over the state as a professional director, dialect coach, youth instructor, and actor for stage, screen, and voice over projects. 

Headshot by Alisabeth Von Presley

I collaborate with people at all levels of experience to spark creativity, inspire confidence, cultivate empathy, build community, and engage in the greater conversations of life. 

My primary field of study is theatre performance, with specializations in voice, speech, and movement for the actor. I have additional expertise in Shakespeare, dialect study, musical theatre, new play development, and theatre for social change.

I use my skills and experience as an actor, educator, and collaborator to serve people of all ages and backgrounds, particularly diverse learners and underrepresented groups. 

Henry IV Part 1. Riverside Theatre. Photo by Rob Merritt.

“Throughout, Hahn carried a thread of frustrated nobility that was a delight to watch. Her Hal — as the character should — stands apart from the various ways she is treated by others. In the end, gender is just one more label for Hal to throw off as she strives to discover and activate the person she needs to become… The climax of the show is the fight between Hotspur and Hal, and it is glorious. When Weiner and Hahn bring together their larger-than-life personalities, it’s electric. The dichotomy between the two characters is so well drawn through a perfect triumvirate of text, acting and direction that you can feel the thickness in the air between them. Their fight is elegantly choreographed as a close and intimate knife fight. Moore’s fights overall in the play are well done, but this one is a capstone, both of design and execution.”
Genevieve Trainor
Little Village Magazine
"'Bully' is fierce. It’s violent. It’s alarming. And it’s riveting in its Iowa debut via Mirrorbox Theatre... While the black box theater seems too small to contain the anger that’s flung throughout the show, it’s also the perfect size to create a visceral experience for actors and audiences. The play captures the professional troupe’s mission to produce Iowa premieres of plays offering 'dramatic reflections on contemporary culture.' Simple, versatile staging, dramatic lighting and a pulsing soundtrack reel us into their worlds as their truths unfold. Director Katy Hahn has given the actors the tools, space and vision to create fearsome characters whose strengths and weaknesses throb side by side."
Diana Nollen
The Gazette

Bully. Mirrorbox Theatre. Photo by Greg Billman.

Various production photos by S. Benjamin Farrar, Rob Merritt, Shannon Ouellette, and others.


This April, Riverside Theatre in Iowa City asked actors to perform monologues from Shakespeare’s canon to celebrate his 456th birthday and build anticipation for the return of Free Shakespeare on the Festival Stage in Lower City Park. 

Check out all 30 monologues at riversidetheatre.org/30daysofshakespeare

Here is my contribution!


“I thought that all of the plays we read this semester had an important element to them and therefore, introduce students to new pieces of theatre that are not always represented, such as topics of race, sexuality, disabilities, etc. I believe all of the plays Katy chose to include this semester benefit student learning and prepare us for other classes and shows in our future."

-Intro to Reading Playscripts student

“Professor Hahn, thank you very much. I was so nervous and worried about this class, but you taught me politely so I could enjoy. I was impressed that you taught me at times other than office hours. Thank you very much. I am glad that I could study with talented classmates and a great professor together.”

-Voice & Diction student

"We talk about content a lot in class. We always know what is expected of us, and we go over the rules and guidelines for everything, which was really helpful especially when you haven't ever taken a class like this before. I think that Professor Hahn has an advantage because she has been in so many plays and musicals, and she really knows her content. I believe a class like this has students who are either 100% interested in it or not really at all. She did a very good job at making the class more than just lecture every day and got the 'not really at all' students more interested in it."

-Theatrical Arts and Society student

"Katy is exceptionally good at classroom management and at articulation of ideas and concepts. Whenever students got off task or began to speak out of turn, she was firm and respectful yet was consistent in making each and every student feel welcome and comfortable in class. Regarding her teaching of content, she put things in ways I had never thought of, and was able to use every single situation as a teaching and learning opportunity. No matter what happened, Katy was always on her toes and ready to use the class events in order to benefit everyone."

-Acting student


Megan Gogerty

Photo from megangogerty.com

The first time I was introduced to Megan Gogerty was when I saw her hilarious one-woman show Housebroken at Riverside Theatre in Iowa City. I remember thinking “Who is this woman? How on Earth did Iowa City get so lucky??”

Megan is, in a phrase, a force to be reckoned with.

I am amazed and inspired by this human being who is both goofy and fierce, self-deprecating and goddess-like, somehow both larger than life and completely down to earth. She is a true artist – she has done the work to know who she is and she never stops finding unique and innovative ways to share herself with audiences. When you leave a Megan Gogerty show, you feel like a different person – somehow both better and at the same time asking yourself what you have done with your life recently. 

I chose to feature Megan this month because she is unstoppable – even in the middle of a pandemic she has found ways to keep sharing her work and making the world a better place! Check out her latest play The Tether.

About Megan
(from her website, www.megangogerty.com):
“Megan Gogerty is a playwright and comedian. Her solo show Lady Macbeth and Her Pal, Megan played the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and won the Audience Pick of the Fringe at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. Her play Bad Panda (Theatre Without Borders, Beijing; Iron Crow Theatre Co.; WordBRIDGE Boomerang Playwright honoree) is published by Original Works Publishing and was translated into Spanish for a five-month run at Del Teatro Milan in Mexico City. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution listed her solo show Hillary Clinton Got Me Pregnant in their yearly Top Ten Best Plays. Megan’s musical drama Love Jerry was produced in the New York Musical Theatre Festival where it won three Talkin’ Broadway Citations and four NYMF Excellence Awards including Excellence in Writing (Book). Her ten-minute play Rumple Schmumple (Dramatic Pub.) was a Kennedy Center/National ACTF honoree. Other plays include: Housebroken (Riverside Theatre, Hollins University); Save Me, Dolly Parton (Riverside Theatre, Synchronicity Theatre; named among Best Plays in Atlanta by Creative Loafing). Her musical tribute album to the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer is widely available online. Megan was a Playwrights’ Center Jerome Fellow, a WordBRIDGE alum, and she earned her MFA in Playwriting from the University of Texas at Austin. She currently teaches playwriting at the University of Iowa and is a regularly returning visiting faculty for the Playwright’s Lab at Hollins University.”


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I created a private Facebook group for individuals in the arts who do not identify as cis men to share ideas, raise questions, support each other, and get shit done. 


EMAIL: katy.a.hahn@gmail.coM

PHONE: (641) 512-0125 (Leave a voicemail!)

Henry IV Part 1. Riverside Theatre. Photo by Isaac Hamlet for the Iowa City Press Citizen.