Wonder of the World
Coe College
Fall 2022
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We are working directly with the playwright to produce an updated version of the script!

Radium Girls
University of Northern Iowa
Spring 2023
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As a theatre director I collaborate with other artists on both musical and nonmusical productions, telling the clearest stories possible in fresh and impactful ways. I am particularly drawn to scripts that grapple with race, gender, and other social and political issues. 

I have directed every age and level of experience, including youth, college, community, and professional theatre. I take pride in being a well-rounded theatre artist who values every role in our collaborative artform, and I am just as comfortable communicating with my design and production team as I am with my actors.

I work to create a safe and supportive environment using consent-based and trauma-informed practices. My education in these areas is active and ongoing. I prioritize equity and representation in casting, and I establish a rehearsal room in which my collaborators are encouraged to contribute ideas and take risks. I bring a pedagogical spirit and an iterative mindset to my directing work, viewing each project as an opportunity for all of us to ask questions, make discoveries, learn from each other, and grow from where we are.


"Katy is an organized and energetic director with clear vision that she articulated early in the process to all members of the production team and actors, all of whom she is responsible for guiding on the journey of creating the world of the play. It was a pleasure to watch Katy work organically with the entire ensemble as they individually and collectively arrived at choices that would best serve the storytelling for the audience. Student stage managers often offered their observations as a valued member of the student ensemble with Katy as the guide to stop as often as necessary to adjust and fine tune actions as part of the trial and discovery process. I have watched many directors at work with undergraduates in my time as an academic theatre artist. Katy has a gift for guiding students in a supportive, respectful and effective way to get inspired results. This is teaching at its best, and it was clear from my observations that the students were highly appreciative of the specific feedback they were getting moment to moment to help them gain confidence and skills that they could build upon."
Susan Wolverton
Coe College Theatre Department Chair

BULLY (2019)

"'Bully' is fierce. It’s violent. It’s alarming. And it’s riveting in its Iowa debut via Mirrorbox Theatre... While the black box theater seems too small to contain the anger that’s flung throughout the show, it’s also the perfect size to create a visceral experience for actors and audiences. The play captures the professional troupe’s mission to produce Iowa premieres of plays offering 'dramatic reflections on contemporary culture.' Simple, versatile staging, dramatic lighting and a pulsing soundtrack reel us into their worlds as their truths unfold. Director Katy Hahn has given the actors the tools, space and vision to create fearsome characters whose strengths and weaknesses throb side by side."
Diana Nollen
The Gazette


"I want to let you know that is such a pleasure to work with you, Katy. Thank you for your positive and focused energy in rehearsals. You go above and beyond. I really appreciated that you took the time to have individual meetings with us - it was BEYOND helpful! I trust and respect you so much."
Student Actor
Cornell College